Thanks for visiting my travel blog! I set up this blog to share my experiences and to advise other people who are traveling the world. I have been too many destinations on this little blue planet of ours and I have had a great time doing so. There are still lots of places I would still like to visit and one day I hope to conquer them all.

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If you’re a traveller and/or nature lover and you happen to enjoy a bit of football – then of course, Brazil has it all lined up for you this summer. Of course, you could say the same every year, but this year, in particular, there’s a little thing going on called the World Cup – and it’s spread all over the country.

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River Cruises in Europe: Your Perfect Timeouts

To get the most of your vacations checkout the ratings for river cruises in Europe, and make the most of it. These river cruises provide you with adequate opportunities to come up-close and friendly with wilderness, away from the maddening melee of city life, and seep yourself with tranquilly, scenic beauty of the landscapes, and the culture and architect of your visited place.

Danube to Budapest Experience

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Hi world trotters, if you have been bowled over by the image of guy wearing a cowboy hat, smoking a cigar, and giving mean looks. You would definitely want to mimic the macho character. At your service are some of the cigar friendly cities and places where you can mimic the macho character, roam around in a different world, and enjoy your vacations.


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