Thanks for visiting my travel blog! I set up this blog to share my experiences and to advise other people who are traveling the world. I have been too many destinations on this little blue planet of ours and I have had a great time doing so. There are still lots of places I would still like to visit and one day I hope to conquer them all.

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International travel is one of the great experiences to have in your lifetime. If possible, make it happen many more times than once. Everyone has an explorer living somewhere inside, hoping to find novelty and excitement out among previously unknown (at least to yourself) lands. But traveling well takes experience. In foreign lands, you’re dependent upon the things you can pack or buy locally. If you don’t pack something important and there’s no vendor who can make the thing you need available, you’re in a bad place. Here are some things to make sure you pack, or at least prepare for. You’ll be really glad you have them around when the time comes. more

Whether your family has their sights set on Disney World or any of the other theme parks in the area, Orlando is filled with phenomenal hotels that are all in the heart of the action. At the top of the accommodations list of course are Disney-themed hotels. When it comes to staying and playing in the city of endless fun, here are five reasons to stay at a Disney hotel. more