5 European Cities You Never Thought Of Visiting


5 European Cities You Never Thought Of Visiting

Europe is home to many of the world’s finest cities around the globe. However, not all of them are as popular as the others. And if you’re looking for something new to explore in your next visit to Europe, you may want to start with one of the following marvelous European cities that are surprisingly underrated!


The capital of Denmark has just about everything you’d want for a relaxing break from hurly-burly city life. There is no shortage of historical highlights in Copenhagen. For starters, visitors around the world flock to Copenhagen to enjoy the 17th century architecture it dons and its old medieval city.

And when it comes to treating your taste buds to a mouth-watering dish, you’ll see that the city abounds in top-quality restaurants and bars. There’s nothing more relaxing than quenching your thirst with a mug of locally-brewed lager after a tiring but exciting day of sightseeing.

Topped with museums, art galleries, and a strong jazz tradition, Copenhagen is a cocktail of everything good that life has to offer.


Surprisingly, this Austrian city – teeming with character and oozing with history – goes underrated sometimes! It was called the ‘City of Music,’ and rightfully so! Musical geniuses such as Schubert, Schoenberg, and Mozart created their masterpieces in Vienna. You could wander through its old city center (which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and you’ll discover that it’s impossible to grow tired of the city’s soothing ambience.

On the other hand, this former capital of the impressive Austro-Hungarian Empire showcases spectacular architecture – stark reminders of the city’s golden days. And if you want to enjoy the most joyful haven during winter, a visit to Vienna is in order!

Santorini, Greece

When it comes to wowing visitors and making their jaws drop, very few cities in Europe can rival the city of Santorini. The town of Oia, in particular, is a tourist destination you want drop by. Resting on top of volcanic cliffs and facing west, Oia pampers its visitors with the best sunset in the world. And when you throw panoramic views that will leave you gasping; mouth-watering Greek cuisine; and magnificent architecture into the mix, you won’t want to leave this city!

VelikoTarnovo, Bulgaria

Known as the historical “City Of The Tsars,” many have fallen in love with VelikoTarnovo. Hanging over the steep tilts of Yantra River, this much-adored city in Eastern Europe is home to lush forests and foothills. An excellent spot for hiking and biking!

However, the city’s shining crown is the Tsarevets Fortress. This stone castle erected during the medieval times was the primary fortress of the Second Bulgarian Empire. The Old Town’s cobblestone streets are adorned with eye-catching masterpieces of architecture and soothing spectacles of the river just right below.

Budapest, Hungary

This masterpiece of a city exudes an aura that’s very different from other European cities. In this Hungarian city, just about anything that’s serene and pleasant can be found in great numbers. Great food that’s irresistible to the taste buds; gorgeous residences and fantastic architecture to marvel at; and lovely people to share the fun with – this “Disney Land For Grown-Ups” has it all.

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