Best Adventure Travel Destinations In The World


Best Adventure Travel Destinations In The World – 3 Countries Adventurers MUST Visit

Many of us travel for business. On the other hand, there are those who want to break away from the hectic city life they’re caught in, and travel for relaxation. And then there’s a third group of tourists who leave their motherland in search for an adventure in uncharted territories.

If you belong to the third group, then you DEFINITELY want to check out the following travel destinations around the globe!


For many, Romania is a former member of the Eastern Bloc – one that was left in economic ruins after its separation from the Communist group. Thanks to tourism however, the country got a new lease on life. YES, Romania has A LOT to offer than being the origin of the Dracula Legend!

For starters, visitors LOVE hiking and camping at the Carpathian Mountains. History nuts who love to walk down the memory lane, on the other hand, find northern Moldavia’s Painted Monasteries, medieval cities, and traditional villages hard to resist.

If that’s not enough and you’re looking to coast through and explore pristine waterways, no problem! There’s no shortage of canals, lakes, and marshes in Romania. Matter of fact, the 1800-mile long Danube River (which starts all the way from Germany) ends its trek in this country.


A former part of Yugoslavia, Slovenia is a relatively small country with a population of a little more than 2 million. Stretching from the Alps all the way to the Mediterranean, this country rewards adventure-seeking tourists with many sights and niceties!

While the country’s terrain is excellent for hiking, cycling, and water sports (ex.: river rafting), Slovenia also showcases over 8,000 caves waiting to be explored by daring visitors around the globe. One can easily hire an expert guide to delve into the country’s ethereal-like and underworld realm on foot!

On the other, tourists who LOVE exploring culture are treated to ancient architectures and old churches that sit along the countryside. And when bed time comes, your choices are just as interesting – you can stay on a hotel, a campground, or even a farm to take your adventure to a whole NEW level!


First things first: There’s no need to worry for your personal safety when traversing Israel for adventure. True, the state of affairs in the country (especially its security) has gotten a tad more unstable in the recent years. Recent survey, however, says that adventure travel experts don’t consider the country unsafe. Matter of fact, Israel has experienced a decline in religious tourism, BUT it now enjoys a significant increase in general tourism.

With that out of the way, you must be asking: “So what does Israel have to offer to the thrill-seekers?” The answer: A LOT! If you’re looking for outdoor fun, you can hike through the Masada and Galilee; soak up the sun as you float on the Dead Sea; or enjoy water sports at the beaches of Tel Aviv. And in case you need a quick break from adventure travel, bustling nightlife is just around the corner!

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