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5 AMAZING Tourist Spots In China You Can’t Miss

China may not be the most modernized country around (although they’re doing a good job of catching up). What you can be certain though is that the land dubbed as the ‘Sleeping Dragon’ (by Winston Churchill) has A LOT to offer if you’re looking for beautiful and jaw-dropping tourist spots. If you’re planning a trip to China, here are the top 5 you’d regret not visiting.

The Great Wall Of China

What’s a Chinese vacation without a visit to the Great Wall!?Built, rebuilt, and maintained over and over again from 5th Century BC until the 16th Century, this jaw-dropping piece of architecture has done a good job of protecting the Chinese Empire’s northern borders from hostile forces and nomadic tribes from the north.

While the claim that the Great Wall Of China can be seen from space has been debunked many times, it’s splendor wasn’t tainted by any stretch of the imagination. Made of 6,259 km. of actual wall; 359 km. of trenches; and 2,232 km. of natural barriers (ex.: rivers, hills, etc.), this massive wall is one of the most popular destinations in the country with its portion at Bādálǐng being the most touristy.

Pudong Skyline

If the United States of America has New York City as its commercial capital, China has Pudong as its financial and business hub. Located in Shanghai and on Huangpu River’s eastern side, the district showcases a skyline that’s teeming and shimmering with skyscrapers. It is interesting to note that these skyscrapers rose out of what was merely farmland within 2 decades or so.

The symbolic Oriental Pearl Tower; the Shanghai World Financial Center; and the Jin Mao Building are just some of the skyscrapers you can find in Pudong’s skyline. And in 2014, the Shanghai Tower will be added to its roster of impressive towers and buildings.

Leshan Giant Buddha

As its name suggests, this Chinese tourist spot showcases an enormous Buddha statue – one that has been carved out of cliff in Sichuan (located in Western China). While the creation of this massive sculpture began during the reign of the Tang Dynasty (year 713), it wasn’t completed until year 803.

Standing tall at 71 meters and with both of its long fingers spanning 3 meters, it took the blood, sweat, and tears of thousands of workers and sculptors to accomplish.

The Terracotta Army

With over 8,000 soldiers; 130 chariots; and almost 700 horses, the Terracotta Army is one of the most impressive collections of sculptures in existence. While the majority of these terracotta statues are buried in the pits, it tops the list of tourist attractions in Xian, China.Created to depict the armies of the first Chinese Emperor, Qin Shi Huang,it was believed that the creation of Terracotta Army involved more than 700,000 workers!

Li River

If you’re planning a trip to the north eastern Guangxi Province, then taking a cruise through the Li River is a MUST! Boasting a landscape that’s abundant with steep cliffs, magnificent caves, amazing hills, and other natural wonders, it’s of little surprise that nature lovers are left breathless after a Li River cruise.

If you’re looking for a relaxing journey that will dispel the stress caused by your frenetic city life, a trip through the Li River and its awe-inspiring scenery shouldn’t be missed.

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