Best Places To Visit In Italy


Best Places To Visit In Italy – 5 MUST-VISIT Places And The Unique Sights They Offer

Located in Southern Europe and highly esteemed as the birthplace of Western Culture, Italy is teeming with magnificent tourist destinations…some of which are recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you’re planning to take a vacation in Italy, visiting and exploring the following places should be high on your list!


A visit to Italy feels empty without at least dropping by at Venice! Regarded as one of the most breathtaking places in the country, Venice is unique among other Italian cities. Built upon a lagoon that’s bounded by the Adriatic Sea, couples (foreigners and locals alike) LOVE cruising along its long and tranquil canals – making it one of the most romantic places in the world!

Be sure to take a water taxi and coast through the Grand Canal, which is the most famous canal in Venice. Combining historic and awe-inspiring architecture together with charming waterways, you’ll regret not visiting Venice!


Situated near Arno River at the northwest of Tuscany, Pisa is internationally known for its Leaning Tower. A closer look, however, will reveal that it has A LOT more to offer than an oddly structured tower.

Recognized as a commercial empire during the ancient and Middle Ages, this Italian city still bears the stunning remnants from its glorious days like the Battisero, Piazza Del Duomo (one of Europe’s greatest groups of Romanesque buildings), and Santa Maria dellaSpina (a picturesque church along the river).

Oh! By the way, if you love being one with nature, drop by at the city’s Botanical Garden, which is the oldest in Europe. You’re in for a treat!


Usually dwarfed in popularity by other famous cities like Venice, Genoa is one of Italy’s veiled wonders. Showcasing a classic Italian atmosphere with rolling hills; pastel-colored houses; Roman ruins and Baroque palaces, a visit to Genoa is like traveling centuries back in time.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, Genoa’s historic center is its main attraction. With narrow and winding streets that have pleasant surprises waiting to be discovered, there are no dull moments in Genoa!


Boasting a treasure trove of art and architectural wonders, the capital of Tuscany is described by many as one massive outdoor museum! With art masterpieces found at almost every turn and home to internationally renowned art galleries like Ufizzi and Pitti Palace, millions of art-loving tourists visit Florence every year. Matter of fact, in 2009, Florence enjoyed the patronage of 1,685,000 visitors from around the globe – making it the 72nd most visited place in the world.

Amalfi Coast

Want to spend your vacation chilling out at an Italian beach? If that’s the case, a visit to the Amalfi Coast is in order. Located in the country’s southwestern region of Campania, this coast is one of the top tourist destinations in Italy…and for very good reason.

Spanning 30 miles by Sorrento Peninsula’s southern region, tourists and vacationers flock to the Amalfi Coast to ogle at its stunning coastline; shining and shimmering bays; resorts bustling with activity; and MORE!

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