Best Places to Visit In Thailand


5 Places To Visit In Thailand

The top attractions in Thailand have been showcased in travel shows; are used as a setting for many Hollywood blockbusters; and have cropped up over and over again in modern fiction. Having said that, nothing beats seeing and experiencing Thailand in REAL life, and if you’re planning a visit to the Asian country, the following destinations should be on your must-visit list.

Chiang Mai

This BIG city combines the best Bangkok has to offer with the accessibility and inviting ambience of a small town. If you’re going to Thailand with the whole family, you’d be hard-pressed to find a place that’s as family-friendly as Chiang Mai. For starters, many of the most popular attractions and activities are fun for kids and adults alike.

From thrilling elephant rides; exciting water rafting; relaxing day at the zoo; to challenging hillside treks and more, Chiang Mai allows you to sample all of these!If you love combining outdoor activities, urban culture, and mouth-watering food, Chiang Mai is the place to be.


Just a couple of hours away from Bangkok, HuaHinis a beach resort that locals LOVE to frequent. For some reason however, not a lot of visitors and foreigners drop by at the resort…which is a HUGE plus if you want to relax and stay somewhere that’s not too touristy.Low key and easy to get to, HuaHin is an excellent destination for visitors who have only a few days to explore Thailand and want to get away from crazy city life.


If HuaHin earned the distinction of being low key and laidback, Phuket,on the contrary, has been dismissed by some as too crowded and commercial. A visit to the region can get really expensive if you’re not careful.

Having said that, its beautiful beaches; fantastic diving resorts; numerous luxurious spas; and other attractions make it a perfect destination for traveling families. Of all the numerous attractions within Thailand’s largest island, beaches are the main draw – its white sands; fun and challenging water sports; and blue lagoons. Check out Patong Beach, and you’ll see why visitors keep coming back to Phuket!


Recognized as Thailand’s capital and largest city, Bangkok – together with its towering structures; palaces oozing with splendor; ancient temples; souvenir market; and dazzling nightclubs, is always bustling with activity.

For many, Bangkok is a concrete jungle (like USA’s New York)that is filled with noise, heavy traffic, and air pollution. While there’s a grain of truth in it, the city won’t be a popular tourist destination if it doesn’t have its share of beauty created by nature. From scenic canals; fresh and green spaces; to vibrant tropical plants, Bangkok has it all.


If you’re looking for a spot that’ll make you drop your bags and let go of your entire ‘luggage,’Raileyshould be on top of your list of destinations. Peaceful and withdrawn, Railay’s relaxing atmosphere will make you forget ALL of your worries!

By the way, there are no cars on Railey. Once you get there, it’s all about enjoying the fantastic beaches; bathing at the sea; kayaking through challenging waters; and climbing green hills.

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