Can you afford to miss Brazil this summer?


If you’re a traveller and/or nature lover and you happen to enjoy a bit of football – then of course, Brazil has it all lined up for you this summer. Of course, you could say the same every year, but this year, in particular, there’s a little thing going on called the World Cup – and it’s spread all over the country.

So nature lovers genuinely can spread their interest taking in a little of the beautiful game – and taking in rather a lot of the Amazonian rainforest if that’s what does it for you.

England’s opening game against Italy on June 14th, for example, will be held in Manaus. And in case you didn’t know – with Manaus, you can’t get much more deeply embedded in the Amazon.  This is not one of the usual hotbeds of football in Brazil. Instead, it’s a great jumping off point for eco-tourists wanting to explore the Amazon rainforest.

It’ll be hot and humid when the two teams play in the famous Pantanal region which may suit the Italians better an may explain why Betfair punters have made them 6/4 favourites with England at 2/1 and the draw the same price?

Or how about Cuiaba? This is the state capital of Mato Grosso, and marks the exact geographical centre of South America, equidistant as it is; 2,000 kilometres from both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Even if you don’t want to leave the city to explore the surrounding areas, the place has a bit of a New York’s “Central Park” thing going on but it’s a little more interesting!

The “Parque Mae Bonifacia” covers 77 hectares and has five long paths running through it, along with the same number of recreational areas with gym equipment. The park also has a superb vantage point to see the surrounding areas and an excellent environmental learning centre. The park’s lush greenery typifies that of the Cerrado (the huge tropical savannah area covering most of Mato Grosso) and you can find animals that live in the habitat in the wild including Sagui monkeys and other small primates.

So there we are; see Brazil (or a few parts of it at least) and watch the football as well; what could be better for lovers of both attractions?

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