Europe’s Cheapest Cities To Visit


Who says enjoying Europe has to be expensive!? If you’ve ever wondered how to relish the niceties and goodies Europe offers without breaking your bank account, then check out the top 3 cheapest European cities for travelers…and start packing!

Sofia, Bulgaria

Looking at Topping Price Of Travel’s European 3-Star Traveler Index, Sofia is the most affordable tourist city in 2013 at $50 per day. So what are you getting for your $50 when you stay at Sofia? A LOT!

First of all, you get to stay at a highly regarded, centrally located, 3-star hotel that gives you easy access to almost any spot in the city worthy of a visit. And when you throw in the cost of transportation; food and drinks; along with some activities (all included in the $50/budget), it’s hard to find a European city that gives you as much bang for your buck as Sofia would!

Keep in mind, however, that getting to Sofia can be hefty. Not to mention you don’t have a lot of options. True, you can take a train or a bus service to take a European entry point that’s easier on the pocket…if you don’t mind taking a very long journey.

Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev doesn’t have the most accessible of locations, BUT this capital of a former member of the USSR is impressively affordable and beautiful – making it one of the excellent tourist destinations for travelers with a tight budget. For a mere $26 a day, you’re all covered for daily accommodations; food and drinks; transportation; and some cool activities.

To make the deal even sweeter, UkranianHyrvia (their local currency) is undervalued by about 50% against the US dollar – giving your greater spending power for your buck.

Having said that, the city’s off-beaten location has its share of disadvantages. For starters, Kiev’s somewhat remote location translates to higher airfare prices…and you don’t have a lot of options since low-cost carriers are yet to establish their presence in Kiev. So if you’re looking to cut down on your airfare to have more money to spend in the city, it’s highly recommended to keep your eyes peeled for sales and promotions by larger carriers in the country.

Prague, Czech Republic

If you’ve visited Prague more than a decade ago, you’ll be surprised the prices have gone significantly higher than your last visit. Yes, it might not be a TOTAL steal as it was years ago ‘thanks’ to the increase in popularity it enjoyed recently. BUT with so much to offer (even for budget-travelers), the uptick in cost is definitely worth it!

According to the European Backpacker Index report for 2013, you can get away with a $41/day budget and enjoy the affordable lodging, food, drinks, and various fun activities that the city has to offer.

Now, $41/day might be too small of a budget for some tourists. If cash is not much of an issue and you don’t mind spending extra for a more comfortable stay, you can still find A LOT of good deals. Matter of fact, the average rate of a hotel in Prague is only at $107 per night. Even more impressive, however, is the low cost of beer in the city. At $1.06 per pint of beer, drinking and celebrating to your heart’s delight shouldn’t be a problem!

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