How To Travel The World For Free – 3 Legit Ways You Should Check Out


Who says you need to have a 5- to 6-figure savings in the bank to travel the world and enjoy new sights, sounds, and cultures!?

Just in case you’re wondering, you’ve read the title right. YES, it is possible for a savvy, budget-conscious traveler to take a trip around the world even if he has $0 in his bank account. And no, I’m not talking about hiding inside your friend’s suitcase or car compartment; working as an international drug courier; or a smuggler.We’re talking about 100% LEGIT ways to travel around the world for F-R-E-E. There are a lot, BUT let’s get started with the following three:

Build A Career And Living As A Travel Writer: Do you have a knack for writing? Is infusing boring blocks of text with lively prose and colorful descriptions something that comes to you easily? If you answered yes to those questions, working as a travel writer might be your ticket to travel the world without spending a dime.

Take the Matador Network as an example. This network pays about $25 for every post you make, which is a good rate to get your career rolling in the right direction. Not to mention it’s about enough to fund your adventures if you are blogging and traveling through third-world countries.

After you have earned some experience, you can try and get published through larger networks and outlets…and get BETTER pay of course. It’s not uncommon at all for travel writers to strike a deal with car rental companies, luxury resorts, and other commercial entities in exchange for their reporting.

Connect And Join With A Commune: First things first, we’re not talking about hippies spreading free love back in the 1960’s. You see, communes are still up and running in different parts of the world. It offers you a unique and exciting way to enjoy and immerse in a new culture.

Israel, as an example, has several officially organized communes, which are known as kibbutzim. You can visit and live in any of these communes for as short as 4 weeks. They have one in Denmark (Freetown Christiana) and one in India (Auroville) – both are multicultural communities and you may want to put them on top of your list if you want to take this route.

Keep in mind, however, that these communes strictly follow codes of ethics and spiritual guidelines, and you are expected to do the same. Moreover, you have to work for a certain number of hours every week for the free housing and food.

Couch Surfing And Living With A Host: If you are a student looking for a host family to connect and stay with, you’ll be pleased to know that there are A LOT of networks and agencies that can help you like The Danish Institute For Study Abroad; Study Abroad UK; and International Experience. Alternatively, you can work as an au pair or take part in a travel and work program through agencies like InterExchange.

If you’re not a student, worry NOT – there’ This network is an excellent resource to find families around the world who welcome friendly nomads in their homes. Just don’t forget to run your hosts through a thorough background check.When you get to your host family, show some appreciation by bringing a housewarming gift; help out with daily household chores; and stay pleasant to everyone.

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