Must-See Attractions In Rome


Must-See Attractions In Rome – 3 Tourist Spots That Every Visitor To Rome MUST Check Out

Showcasing awesome palaces; churches and basilicas that have stood for centuries; impressive monuments; and graceful fountains, it’s not surprising that Rome and its historic city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The city has a lot of sights and sounds to offer. BUT there are tourist attractions in Rome that you simply can’t afford to miss, and here are three of them:

The Colosseum

The Colosseum (‘Colosseo’ in Italian) – there’s no place like it! For starters, no other tourist spot in Rome exemplifies the fear-inspiring power of the Roman Empire like this place does!

This impressive piece of Roman architecture was once the largest stadium in the whole Empire. Brought to life by Emperor Vespasian during the 1st Century AD, this amphitheater was designed from the group and up for the Roman people’s enjoyment. Unfortunately, Vespasian, the man who saved the Roman Empire from collapsing, didn’t live long enough to see his dreams completed.

Since the fall of the Roman Empire, over a third of the Colosseum has been lost and ruined. Nevertheless, the Colosseum’s rich history and fascinating structures kept international visitors coming back for more.

Visit the Colosseum and enjoy how the whole structure gives you great insight into the lives of ancient Romans and the gladiators who were forced to fight there. Matter of fact, it’s now possible to journey through its underground hallways and corridors, which is the very place where gladiators prepare for what was possibly the last fight of their lives.

Furthermore, you can also tour the higher regions of the Colosseum where you can take a closer look of the Roman Forum, which is next on our list.

The Roman Forum

Known as the Forum Romanum in Italian, the Roman Forum was right at the very heart of Rome. It’s the center of religious, civic, and political life in the city.

Formerly the showpiece of Rome, this grandiose district once stood tall with its proud marble-clad temples; celebratory arches like the Arco di SettimioSevero and Arco di Tito; magnificent basilicas such as the Basilica di Massenzio and Basilica Emilia; pulsating public spaces; and other historically important structures like the seat of power in the Senate house.

While many of the tourist spots mentioned have lost much of its splendor, they still serve as vivid mementoes of the Roman Forum’s grandeur. YES, a visit to Rome won’t be complete with at least dropping by at the Roman Forum.

Ostia Antica

Admit it or not, when you were thinking which places to check out in Rome, Ostia Antica isn’t on your list. Yes, it is underrated and dwarfed in popularity by other Roman sites like the Roman Forum or the Colosseum, BUT Ostia Antica is one of the best tourist destinations in the city.

Historically, Ostia Antica is most notable for being attacked by relentless pirates in 68 BC. This led to Pompey the Great gaining so much power for a single man to handle – a move that led to the undermining of Rome’s Republican system. Over the years, Ostia Antica was abandoned bit by bit.

Like the Roman Empire which WAS extremely impressive and intimidating, Ostia Antica’s best days are far behind.

However, visitors can still enjoy the view of many great ruins that serve as stark reminders of the town’s old and glorious era. A well-preserved Roman theatre; remains of the town’s military camp; temples dedicated to Roman deities; Baths of Neptune; and the Ostia Synagogue (oldest known synagogue site in Europe) – all of these and more can be found in this small town.

Combined with well-preserved and perfectly Romanesque dwellings, shops, warehouses, and even public restrooms, Ostia Antica gives you a very clear picture of what everyday life was like in ancient Rome.

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