Spanning a length of 2,700 kilometers, the Zambezi River is the 4th largest river system in Africa (after the Nile, Zaire, and Niger River systems). Just how big is it? Imagine this: it journeys from Central Africa all the way to the Indian Ocean – running through 6 different countries.

With currents strong enough to eventually carve the Victoria Falls and Batoka Gorge, the Zambezi’s power has been utilized by various dams along the way like the Kariba and CaboraBassa Dam.

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Sure, you’ve heard of the Grand Canyon, Great Barrier Reef, and other EXTREMELY popular tourist attractions in the world. But what about Pamukkale and Lord Howe Island? There are A LOT of beautiful spots in the world that deserve a visit. And if you want to spend the next year exploring destinations you haven’t heard of before, here’s a list to help you get started.

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If you take pride as a tough hiker, then you better lace up your boots – we’ve got several challenging BUT rewarding trails for you to conquer. These are three of the world’s best trails, and that means they are anything BUT easy. At the top or along the way however, you will be rewarded with treasures money simply can’t buy!

Tour Du Mont Blanc

Considered as the rooftop of Western Europe, there is no experience as special as circling and hiking Tour Du Mont Blanc. For starters, you get to traverse not two but three different European countries – Italy, France, and Switzerland. With several mountain passes; dramatic glaciers; and other expressions of nature’s magnificence on display, Tour Du Mont Blanc offers nothing less than the adventure of your life!

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