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Please feel free to take a look around my blog and make any comments if you wish. I would love to hear your stories and travel plans! more


OK, let’s not beat around the bush. You want to explore the 10 most breathtaking views and places in the world. Well, here they are! Just remember, these places may not be as impressive in pictures as they are in real life…so start packing!

Mount Everest

If you want to take your breath away both in literally and metaphorically, a ‘visit’ to the top of Mount Everest will get the job done! Formed about 60 million years ago, this Nepalese mountain has earned the distinction of being the world’s tallest peak from sea level (8,850 meters above). more


Who says enjoying Europe has to be expensive!? If you’ve ever wondered how to relish the niceties and goodies Europe offers without breaking your bank account, then check out the top 3 cheapest European cities for travelers…and start packing!

Sofia, Bulgaria

Looking at Topping Price Of Travel’s European 3-Star Traveler Index, Sofia is the most affordable tourist city in 2013 at $50 per day. So what are you getting for your $50 when you stay at Sofia? A LOT! more