It’s been more than 3 decades (since 1980) after Costa Rica has been regarded as one of the top travel destinations around the globe, and it has showed no signs of slowing down! One of its strongest points is its well-organized national parks and protected areas that are teeming with wildlife, which cover about 23.4% of Costa Rica’s total land area.

YES, it has A LOT to offer and there’s no better way to start your Costa Rican journey than visiting any or all of the following 3 tourist spots in the small country: more


3 Affordable BUT Top-Quality Hotels You Should Check Out

If United States boasts of New York as their shopping capital, the United Arab Emirates (along with the rest of middle-east) has Dubai. Regarded as the most modern and progressive emirate in UAE, Dubai is developing at a neck-breaking speed – attracting more and more tourists every year!

BurjKhalifa, Jumeirah Mosque, Palm Islands, Dubai Marina – these are just some of the top tourist attractions that keep visitors coming back for more. And if you’re planning to visit the city in the up and coming holiday season, the following affordable BUT high-quality hotels will make your stay A LOT comfortable, relaxing, and easier on the pocket. more


5 Interesting Sites To Visit In Greece

Greece – Home of the gods Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, and others, few countries can rival its rich and colorful history and mythology. Now that sounds like a great place to visit for modern day historians or anthropologists, but not for a fun-seeking tourist.However, a closer look at these 5 interesting places in Greece will show you otherwise. Take a look: more