Planning on Traveling The World – Top Tips


Planning On Traveling The World: Top 4Tips To Keep In Mind

Journeying through the globe and stopping wherever you like – it’s the ultimate trip! However, getting your ‘round-the-world trip started can be a tough act. So to help you get rolling in right direction, here are 4 tips you should always keep in mind:

Plan Ahead, BUT Don’t Be Afraid To Take A Swerve

Planning ahead is good – it allows youto focus your attention on the places you want to go and gives your around-the-world journey a purpose. Not to mention planning your trip is a FUN activity. Think about it: What other activities are more enjoyable than reading an atlas and checking out the world map while planning your trip!?

However, it’s likely that your following your plan down to the ‘T’ might be impractical. After all, different situations might arise and circumstances may change. Perhaps staying one of Phuket’s resorts is impossible due to a weather disturbance. Maybe traveling to one of your destination is not too feasible due to recent safety issues.

Bottom line: Planning your trip is good but be flexible…approach changes in your itinerary with an open mind. Don’t let detours snatch the fun away!

Leave Your Laptop And Tablet Behind

In this day and age when updating your friends with what you’re doing at the moment; where you are; or what you’re eating through social networking sites is almost a necessity, you might cringe at the thought of leaving your laptop or tablet at home.However, you don’t want your tech gear to dictate the tempo of your trip around the world.

The whole point of circumnavigating the world is to get a taste of the life on the other side of the world. It’s all about exploring unfamiliar territories; talking to unknown faces from a different culture; and having fun in the process.

On the other hand, you might need to stay connected with your family and friends back home. To ensure you can reach them whenever you need to, carrying a smartphone should cut it. It allows you to inform people where you are, and lets you check important information online.

I also recommend you get a sufficient level of cover and insurance. Oh, and don’t forget your Visa. Some countries such as the USA require that you apply for a visa, or sometimes known visum usa-ESTA


Get Protected, Get Vaccinated

For travelers, this is standard operation procedure. It’s worth mentioning however. After all, even professional travel writers and bloggers forget about it from time to time. The last thing you want to happen is to let typhoid or yellow fever ruin your trip around the globe!

A healthy traveler is a happy one. So do yourself a favor – check ALL of the vaccinations you’ll need and get EACH and EVERY one of them.

Don’t Be A Travel Hipster

Being a hipster (shunning all that is popular and mainstream…going for the obscure) is OK, BUT not when you’re traveling. The Forbidden City; the Eiffel Tower; the Pyramids of Giza; the Great Wall of China – there’s a reason why these places are the number one tourist attractions in their respective countries. Everyone wants to see these destinations because they are special…they touch and speak to ALL of humanity

Sure, you can give other obscure and remote places a visit. But you will regret not paying these mainstream destinations the attention and time they deserve.

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