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So we are right smack in the middle of summer 2014 and just about everyone knows what that means: summer getaways!  With the numerous options that are out there for affordable flights, let’s take a at a reputable company who actually stands by their word when it comes to inexpensive flights, to just about anywhere in the world: Thomas Cook flights.


Who Are They?

The staff of Thomas Cook pride themselves on rendering quality customer service to those who are looking for flights that won’t send their wallets off screaming into the sunset.


Now, for those who may not know, Thomas Cook was launched a decade ago in 2004 and has impressively grown to be of the biggest leisure airlines in the entire UK! They started with one primary goal: to offer travelers the option to fly to their various destinations without being required a packaged holiday.  They have now evolved to a fleet of over two dozen planes that fly from over 20 airports all across the United Kingdom, with an impressive record of carrying over 6 million travelers to numerous destinations all over the world, including North America, Europe, and the Caribbean.


Thomas Cook airlines is home to over 2,500 employees and each and every one of them is determined to provide the best service to travelers, no matter your destination.


A New Look for Thomas Cook

In June of 2014 Thomas Cook changed the name of their website and with that they announced the launch of new routes including a new route from the Caribbean to Manchester, in addition to flights to New York and Miami that will start up Summer of 2015.


There is also a host of other upgrades that travelers can be found with Thomas Cook, including a new Premium section so that flyers may have a more enjoyable flying experience.


Why Choose Them?

So with all those ‘other guys’ out there, why should you go with Thomas Cook, do you ask? Well, the answer is simple really:


  • Thomas Cooks has decades of experience when it comes to travel and is a widely recognized name
  • All flights through Thomas Cook are ATOL protected so no need to worry about where your money is going
  • Thomas Cook airline offers competitive pricing to over 60 destinations all around the world- no matter where you are looking to go, Thomas Cook is sure to have it!
  • Their fleet of planes are currently being upgraded to provide the best experience possible during your flight


Of course the reasons to travel with Thomas Cook don’t end there. From their quality service, to their delicious in-flight meals, to the overall amazing in-flight experience, travelers flying with TC airlines will not be disappointed.


What’s even more awesome is that they are currently offering amazing deals for flights during Summer 2015. So even if you already have your 2014 summer vacation booked, there is always next year.


Happy travels!

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