Top 5 Places In London That EVERY Tourist And Vacationer MUST Check Out

With an official population of over 8 million (in Greater London) and 14 million for its Metropolitan area, London isn’t only the largest city (and capital) in the United Kingdom…it’s also one of the MOST important cities in Europe. Matter of fact, London is exalted as one of the world’s two leading “Global Cities” – an international capital of music, education, fashion, finance, trade, and education. more


5 Places To Visit In The Netherlands – You Won’t Dare Miss These!

For grown-ups, Amsterdam is the place for letting loose and having wet-and-wild fun. But a closer look reveals that the city is NOT only for grown-ups looking for some ‘grown-up’ fun. If you’re planning to visit the famous Dutch capital, here are the 5 tourist spots that should be on top of your to-go-to list! Amsterdam sightseeing is great and I really enjoyed my time there. Here are some top spots. more