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It goes without saying that Rome is perhaps one of the most popular destination for visitors who are traveling to Italy. Rome has over a whopping 4 million visits annually by tourists and that number shows no signs of decreasing anytime soon. Are you looking to add this beautiful city on your list of ‘Go-To’ places for the summer? Then you’re at the right place! Continue reading to get some ideas on what to do once you arrive, in addition to some travel tips that all first-time visitors should know!


First and Foremost

Ok, for all the first-time visitors to Rome, here is just a bit of helpful information to keep in mind. Rome is broken up into various ‘districts’, each having their own charm and allure. So keep this in mind when planning your trip- visiting the various districts will require both time and energy as it is tons to see! For example, you have the district of Prati-Vaticano, which is home to the world-famous Vatican. The Prati-Vaticano district is known for its various places of worship, cultural institutions, museums, and world-class dining. Visitors must also not forget to visit the glorious St. Peter’s Basilica, where the Pope recites the Angelus prayers every Sunday. It is an absolute must-see for anyone visiting Rome!


Basic Travel Info

As with traveling to any place, its important to adequately plan for your trip and familiarize yourself with where you’re going. When visiting Rome it would be wise to obtain a ‘Roma Pass’, which is the capital’s tourist-cultural card that allows tourists (as well as locals) to get various discounts and services from businesses in the area that will result in a more smooth, not to mention cheaper, vacation. Other things to keep in mind are the P.I.T (Tourist Information Points), which are information booths for foreigners who are visiting Rome. There are also contact centers available with additional information for visitors.


“When in Rome….”

So, what to do when you get there? Just about anything you would like! From antique markets to the famous Rome Opera House to a bustling nightlife, there is something for everyone in this glorious capital. All one would have to do is step out the front door of their hotel and immediately be swept away in all of what Rome has to offer.


Are you perhaps looking to for a more cultural experience during your visit? No problem! A ‘Roman’ tour would be just the thing you are looking for, more specifically, the Colosseum Tour that includes the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. This particular tour allows visitors to experience all of Ancient Rome without the hassle of waiting in lines. The 3-hours tour begins atop ‘Opium Hill’ and continues down to the famous Colosseum. Guests will enjoy an expert, English-speaking guide, as well as small group sizes, which allow for a more intimate tour experience.


There is naturally much to do in this splendid city, just make sure you add the Colosseum tour to the top of your list!



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