The stuff you forget to pack on your first long international trip


International travel is one of the great experiences to have in your lifetime. If possible, make it happen many more times than once. Everyone has an explorer living somewhere inside, hoping to find novelty and excitement out among previously unknown (at least to yourself) lands. But traveling well takes experience. In foreign lands, you’re dependent upon the things you can pack or buy locally. If you don’t pack something important and there’s no vendor who can make the thing you need available, you’re in a bad place. Here are some things to make sure you pack, or at least prepare for. You’ll be really glad you have them around when the time comes.


EnjoyPrepaid Phone Cards. Prepaid phone cards are the way to go. You can buy them for just about any country you can imagine. While you’re in that country, worries about how to call home and how much it’s going to cost will not be in your head at all. Peace of mind and ease of use are priceless when it comes to communicating with the most important people in your life, while you’re on the other side of the world. An EnjoyPrepaid Free Trial will get your foot in the door, and you’ll learn how these cards work. In practice, they couldn’t be any easier or more intuitive. Give it a try next time you’re traveling overseas, and see just how easy it is to phone home, whether you’re on the other side of the world or not.


Simple Language Guide. One of the most important things to remember is a simple traveler’s language guide. You don’t want to be caught in a situation where you can’t read a simple sign, and you can’t find a local to help. A handy language guide, in your pocket or carry-all, is a life-saver in these situations. We’ve had them help us catch trains, find airports, find a local traveler’s resource, find a great place to eat, and so so so so so much more. What’s more, accessing this little document from time to time will help you learn words and phrases important for conversation in the nation where you are traveling.


Sunscreen and Bug Repellant. Don’t take it for granted that locals will share you passion for skin care and insect protection. If you have anything else of that sort, for which you need creams and potions, bring those along in your checked luggage. It’s likely that your favorite brand won’t be available locally, and that kind of product may not be on shelves at all. You may discover that your exotic blood is irresistible to the local breed of mosquito. Don’t be caught unawares. Bring your meds and toiletries and emulsions with you if you can’t live without them.


There are plenty of other things to bring with you on a long international trip, and there are plenty of other blog posts out there which cover them. These are some of the most obvious, but still often forgotten. Don’t forget. Be ready and your travel will be a lot happier.

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