Top 10 Cigar Friendly Cities


Hi world trotters, if you have been bowled over by the image of guy wearing a cowboy hat, smoking a cigar, and giving mean looks. You would definitely want to mimic the macho character. At your service are some of the cigar friendly cities and places where you can mimic the macho character, roam around in a different world, and enjoy your vacations.


You can begin your countdown from the Cigar Capital city of the world, Havana. There are countless cigar factories premises, restaurants, hotels, and clubs where cigar smokers head for to savour the flavour of Cuban cigars and have relaxing moments. They are all places with elegant settings.

Las Vegas, Nevada

To find a cigar’s heaven, the casinos of Las Vegas are the places you ought to be. It is 100% legal and your birth right to smoke a cigar in the casinos. So much so that some of casinos offer free cigars as well. A person gambling with a cigar stuffed between his lips is the common scene all along the Strip.

Tampa, Florida

Then for your cigar ventures you can head for Tampa, which has age old relationship with cigars, and it was once pronounced the Cigar Capital of the world. There are popular brands of cigars which can be found here.

Miami, Florida

Another city with the essence of cigar is Miami, especially its’ ‘Little Havana’ sector which reflects Cuban culture, thanks to the Cuban immigrants deep rooted with Cuba culture who make and sell classical Cuban cigars. You can have a puff at one of the sidewalk cafes, or hotels.


If you crave to inhale the Cuba’s finest tobacco, then checkout some of the joints in St James and Mayfair district, which are cigar smokers paradise. You can have the satisfying effects smoking cigar over a glass of brandy or champagne.

New Orleans

This city has cigar in its veins as it boasts of Cigar factory and elegant Cigar bars where smokers can have soothing times. With complementary welcome cigars offered generously, and countless brands of cigar available, it is definitely a cigar friendly city.

Florence, Italy

Another place to relax and puff your cigar is Brunelleschi’s Cuomo which is a splendorous piece of architect, and is bound to mesmerize you. Get your favourite brand of cigar from any of the bistros along the square, and just puff and admire the place.

Brooklyn Bridge, New York

To have a pleasant timeout with your cigar, you can head straight for the Brooklyn Bridge, walk half way through it, find a lonely bench, sit on it, take your charming cigar out and light it. Rest all will follow. The panoramic view of the city, and magnificent artistry of the bridge will come alive and you can enjoy the balmy effects taking over you.

Phoenix, Arizona

To extend your smoking style to new heights, you can head for the deserts of Arizona where in the cool night you step out in the wilderness and light up your cigar, and have great satisfying moment.

Anchorage, Alaska

Smoking a cigar sitting atop the majestic peaks of Chugach Mountains is an experience of its own.  You will on top of the world with a cigar in your mouth.


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