Top 10 Cities To Visit In The World


So you’re planning to take a trip around the world BUT don’t know where to begin? Well, the following list of 10 magnificent cities around the world should give you a good idea where to start your ‘around the world’ journey:

St. Petersburg

One of the last remnants of the vast and majestic Russian Empire, St. Petersburg was the capital of the impressive Imperial Russia. For tourists and visitors, the city is a home to old, historic streets (a UNESCO World Heritage Site); large art collections (at The Hermitage); and other historically rich buildings like the Winter Palace. It’s one of the surprisingly underrated cultural gems in Europe, and it’s worth your visit!


The city’s population is only a little less than 5 million. However, it enjoyed the patronage of over 11.75 million international visitors this year! A melting pot of different cultures (Indian, Chinese, Malay, and English), a visit to Singapore will give you a glimpse of what different countries around the globe offer.

For Westerners who’re worried about the language barrier, you can leave your worries at home. English is the dominant language in the city, and there’s no culture shock to be concerned about.


With a population of just about 50,000, this city is a dwarf compared to the likes of Berlin, New York, or London. However, that didn’t stop the city of Dubrovnik to become one of the budding cities of romance. An old, historically- and culturally-rich city with many sights on offer (ex.: Rector’s Palace & City Museum; War Photo Limited; Maritime Museum, etc.), it’s the perfect setting for couples on the hunt for a romantic getaway!


Since MasterCard’s Global Destination Cities Index was launched in 2011, the top spot was dominated by non-Asian cities…until Bangkok stormed the number one in 2013. With ancient temples and palaces; souvenir markets to shop on; bustling and dazzling nightclubs; gigantic structures; and more, it’s of little wonder that Bangkok is dubbed as the Asian New York.


Known as the shopping capital of Middle East (and RIGHTFULLY so), many international visitors flock to Dubai to taste the shopping experience it delivers. Recent figures suggest that vacationers and shoppers from around the world got their money’s worth: Dubai showed the strongest growth in visitor arrivals (10.9%-increase over last year).

New York

With its most admired landmark Statue Of Liberty standing tall and proud, New York City’s skyline is nothing short of spectacular.

For some, New York is a rowdy, concrete jungle. For others however, it’s a massive shopping center that has ALL the things you could possibly want. The world wasn’t surprised when it earned the top rank in terms of cross-border spending (at $18.59 billion). Whether you’re looking for high-end fashion clothing; souvenirs to take home; top-of-the-line gadgets and gizmos; great food and everything else in between, you’ll find EVERYTHING in New York!

Hong Kong

Kuala Lumpur has overtaken Hong Kong in the popularity department. However, its majestic harbor, Disney Land, Avenue of Stars, The Peak, and other top tourist attractions were magnetic enough to garner over 8.7 million visitors this year. Highly modern with a ton of niceties on offer, there are no dull moments in this city!

Kuala Lumpur

Enjoying the support of over 9 million visitors in 2013, the capital city of Malaysia is just behind Bangkok and Singapore in terms of number of visitors. Thanks to a construction boom that altered downtown Kuala Lumpur, the city is now home to some of the most breathtaking buildings and structures that used to be found only in the Western world.


Istanbul is one of the fastest rising stars when it comes to travel destinations. Looking at its growing popularity among international visitors and vacationers and assuming that all top tourist destinations maintain their growth rate, Istanbul will overtake cities Singapore, Paris, and even New York by its sheer number of visitors!

And it’s NOT surprising at all. With magnificent sights to see like the Hagia Sophia mosque and a lot of stuff to enjoy, you shouldn’t miss Istanbul in your ‘round-the-world trip.


Last year, Barcelona was far behind Madrid in the popularity department and was even displaced by Shanghai. This year however, things took a 180 degree turn. Thanks to its Gaudi architecture and old world charm, this Spanish city has enticed about 8.41 million travelers this 2013!

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