Traveling Around Asia, What To See And What To Avoid


Asia – home to numerous paradises, magnificent monuments, and fantastic pieces of architecture. A visit to this region of the globe will show you what the Western world is missing. Now, before you pack your things, there are a few things you want to avoid when you travel to Asia. Here they are:

Don’t Let Stereotypes Get In The Way

What you think you know about a country (whether it came from movies or hearsay) prevent you from discovering and enjoying the true beauty of any Asian country. Well, there may be some grain of truth in stereotypes. But remember, every destination around the world has its share of good and bad. But why let the negative take the joy of traveling around an Asian country away from you!?

Don’t Let ‘Wolves’ Take Advantage Of You

As mentioned earlier, every Asian country or destination has its share of bad eggs…and you better be careful of them. Taxi drivers, pick-pockets, scammers, and just about anyone who’s trying to sell you something are very keen observers. They can tell at a glance if you are a newbie – they’ll take a look at your luggage tag; observe your eye movements; and try to take advantage of you if you let them.

It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll get a lot of attention when you first visit to Asia, and it’s up to you how to fend them off. Having said that, don’t let the bad eggs you come in contact with poison your perception regarding the locals.

Don’t Add Up To Cultural Breakdown

Cultural breakdown or deterioration is VERY real, especially all over Asia. As more and more Western tourists visit Asian destinations every year, locals change their traditions and culture just to accommodate the needs of tourists.

There are many aspects of cultural deterioration, and it could take a whole book. However, there are two things you want to keep in mind. When you purchase something, negotiate! It’s an integral part of Asian culture. Fail to negotiate and you just increased the prices for both locals and foreigners that buy after you. Second, don’t leave tips. It is usually frowned upon, and you don’t want their staff to eventually expect tips or coerce others to leaving one.

4 Places You Need To See

OK, now that we are done with the warnings, here are the four places you simply MUST visit when you get to Asia:

Beijing, China – The capital of China isn’t the most populous (that’s Shanghai) or fastest-paced (that award goes to Hong Kong) city. However, few cities in Asia can rival Beijing’s abundance in cultural treasures. For starters, the city is home to significant cultural attractions like the Forbidden City and Great Wall Of China just to name two!

Singapore – Recognized as the culinary mecca of Asia, Singapore welcomes travelers and treats them to the mind-blowing taste of Asia. Showcasing a culturally diverse population, the dishes you’ll find at Singapore combine the best that the local and international cultures have to offer. Having said that, the country is more than just a massive restaurant. With an impressive skyline; kid-friendly destinations; along with towering malls and shopping centers, it has a nicety or two for just about anybody!

Bali, Indonesia – Newly-weds and lovebirds love Bali and for very good reason. Ancient temples, romantic and luxurious beaches, as well as high-end hotels are all part of this Indonesian paradise. However, Bali has a lot to present to adventurers and nature-lovers, too. Its rugged interior is teeming with challenging BUT beautiful landscapes waiting to be explored.

Kyoto, Japan – If Tokyo is the country’s financial and political capital, Kyoto, on the other hand, is Japan’s cultural crown. There’s no shortage of historical treasures in Kyoto. In case you’re not aware, it is home to 17 UNESCO World Heritage sites, all of which give you a glimpse of what was life like in ancient Japan.

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