What Does Ecuador Have To Offer


What Does Ecuador Have To Offer? – 5 Destinations You Shouldn’t Miss

Situated between Colombia and Peru, Ecuador might the smallest Andean country, BUT there’s A LOT to be enjoyed in this country! From impressive biodiversity; rich history and legacy; magnificent architecture; highland markets that are always teeming with activity; to a cocktail of cultures, Ecuador has it all.

And if you’re planning to visit this friendly and exotic destination, be sure to give the following places a visit. You’ll be happy you did!

Galapagos Islands

A small group of volcanic islands near the East Pacific Ocean, Galapagos Islands is somewhat remote and isolated as it lies about 1000 km away from Ecuador. So what do these islands have to offer?

Let’s just say that its world-famous and unique ecosystem was enough to inspire Charles Darwin to create the Theory of Natural Selection. From sea lions, marine iguanas, exotic birds, to massive tortoises – all of these and more can be seen and approached in Galapagos Islands.

Otavalo Market

Are you looking for a souvenir to take home? Then grabbing one of the impressive handiworks masterfully crafted by local artisans is in order. And when it comes purchasing local arts, clothing, and crafts, the small town of Otavalo is the best place to shop!

The handiwork of its aboriginal people – the Otavalos, is well-known in the world. And boy they are proud of it! Matter of fact, in Otavalo’s Plaza De Bonchos, you’ll find a wide selection of jewelry, stone and wooden carvings, woven clothing, and MORE for sale!


Ecuador, especially its southern coastal region, is home to lovely shorelines and impressive beach resorts – and Montañita is one of the most popular examples. It used to be known as a sleep fishing village. But when the international surfing community was awed by the town’s fantastic surfing conditions, it attracted visitors in GREAT numbers!

With its bustling nightlife; pumping nightclubs; plus bars and cafes that serve relaxation on a platter, there’s no shortage of entertainmentkeep locals and foreigners happy as clam.


Do you fancy a relaxing session at a natural hot spring? If you do, the small city of Baños is the place to be. Lying at the foot of Tunguahua (an ACTIVE volcano), the thermal waters of the volcano gave birth to many hot springs in the city.

Aptly called the “Gateway to the Amazon,” innumerable jungle adventures and tours have started in Baños. Waterfalls that cascade thousands of feet (like the Pailon De Diablo waterfall); deep rivers gorges; and lush forests entice sightseers and adventurers from all parts of the globe.


For visitors that can’t get enough of whitewater rafting and kayaking, Tena is the perfect spot! Its Tena River is a part of the Amazon’s tributary – joining with the Masahualli River and then with Napo River. Capital of the Napo Province, many journeys through the jungle have begun in this friendly and attractive city situated in the Amazon rainforest.

Founded by missionaries, Tena boasts a booming cinnamon industry, which helps the city survive and earned it the title “Cinnamon Capital of Ecuador.”

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