Why are we waiting?


When you’re excited about getting to your destination, the actual process of flying and waiting can be a real drag. Thankfully, there are things to do that can reduce the feel of the waiting time, but still, if we could orb ourselves there, I’m sure we’d be happy to do it.

 There’s nothing worse than arriving way ahead of time and having to wait to even check in. I have had this happen to me a few times when I’ve had to book a seriously early coach to get me to the airport in time, and because of that I decided to try driving myself. I’ve never looked back. I can’t recommend this highly enough, and I now book my parking space at the airport through www.parkbcp.co.uk every single time.

 If you’re able to drive, why not look into this yourself? There are services at all airports in the UK, I have used a lot in the past from large airports such as Gatwick to the smaller ones like Leeds Bradford airport parking, and I can certainly vouch for them all!

 Arriving at the airport calm and chilled out is the best possible start to your travel day, and then you’re building on a serene base, rather than building on a fraught one!

Once you’ve checked in, gone through security, and you’re let loose in the glittering halls of duty free, it’s important just to keep an eye on the screens, to make sure you’re fully informed of any changes or delays to your flight, and your gate number. As soon as you get a gate number, I’d suggest you head straight over to it, because in some cases, like at Gatwick, the departure gates can be a lengthy walk from the main duty free/restaurant area, and you don’t want to miss your flight! You might also find with some low cost airlines in particular that boarding takes place rather rapidly after the gate number is announced.

Wasting time at the airport can be an expensive business if you’re not careful, so try not to spend all your hard earned cash before you even board the plane! Instead, have a look around by all means, but I’d suggesting heading to a restaurant for a sit down meal. This way, especially if you have children, you instil a bit of routine into your day, which will ease rumbling stomachs and regulate your body clock a little when you land, especially if you’re flying further away.

This is also where a fully loaded Kindle, iPad or phone with games and films on will ease the waiting too, especially in the case of a delay.

Waiting is unfortunately a means to an end when it comes to travel, but the final destination is more than worth the effort.


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