You cruise, you lose? No way!

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Cruising used to have a bit of a stigma attached to it, didn’t it? It used to be something the older generations did, however these days it’s quite the multi-age bracket way to see the world, and quite cheaply too.


Whether you choose transatlantic, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Far East, the Canaries, Norwegian Fjords, or blow all your savings and go around the world, cruising is a cheaper way to see a lot, in a short space of time, and when you combine it with a good deal on your holiday insurance, such as those offer at Holiday Extras, then you’re more than covered, and seriously on course for a fantastic holiday.


If you choose to meet your ship in a city that is linked to a low cost airline, you’ll save even more, however there are several that sail out of Southampton, meaning you don’t even have to set foot on an aeroplane. If you are flying however, one of the common worries about cruising is that you’ll miss your ship, but this can be easily sorted out by flying the night before and booking a cheap hotel, or by keeping a close eye on developments. I regularly check real-time airport information prior to flying, wherever I’m flying from. For example, last week, I had a very close eye on real-time Stansted departures information, and as a result, I was well informed and stress-free. I’d seriously recommend you check this out.


The good thing about cruises, in my opinion anyway, is that your food and drink (mostly) is paid for. You might need to pay for drinks packages if you want alcoholic beverages, but you could easily get by with what is offered as part of your holiday. This cuts out the worry of budgeting for food etc, and you’re free to use your spending money as you see fit, and to see more of the itinerary your ship is taking you on. Of course, shore excursions are a little expensive if you book them with your cruise-liner, so maybe do a little research beforehand and see if you can book them locally – with reputable companies of course.


For the chance to see a lot in a short space of time, you can’t beat a cruise. If you pick your itinerary and tailor-make it to where you have always fancied seeing, but you’re not sure if you could spend a land holiday there, then this gives you bite-sized chunks of information, and you might even find a new place you want to spend a couple of weeks’ in during your next holiday. Aside from anything else, just think of the varied travel photographs you’ll get!


Cruises aren’t just for the elderly anymore, and you’ll find an age range from 0-100, or something in-between, so head off and cruise the world!

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